How Does it Work?

CollectMyClothes is the hassle-free way of donating your unwanted clothing. They will either be reused or recycled, and a percentage of proceeds will be donated to one of our five partner charities (which you get to choose)!

Find out how our free and reliable charity clothes collection service works:

1. Bag up your unwanted clothing

Put all of your unwanted clothing in a clean bag. We collect a wide range of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories (see the full list below), however all items must be clean and in a re-wearable condition.

2. Request a collection and select your charity

Once you have requested a collection using our online form and selected the charity you would like to support, a member of our team will be in touch to confirm the address, date and time for pick up. We can collect from homes, places of work and other agreed locations, and you can even leave the clothing outside to be retrieved as long as it’s safe and dry. 

3. Your clothes will be ethically recycled

Your goods will be recycled or reused ethically, with most being sent to Eastern Europe and Africa to provide people with affordable clothing. Your chosen charity will then receive a set amount of £250 per ton collected!

Items We Love


Most everyday clothing. Tops, jumpers, coats, trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses etc. Also includes child and baby clothes.

Accessories & Bags

Includes all bags, belts, ties, gloves, hats, scarves and jewellery. We also accept clean or new underwear & lingerie.


As long as they’re clean and not too worn, we accept any shoes, boots, heels or trainers.

Bag up your unwanted clothing and arrange a collection today

Use our online form to organise a suitable pick-up date and time. It really is that easy!