Thank you for your support during lockdown… you have helped us raise over £3000 for our partnered charities during this time.

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Welcome to Collect My Clothes

We are the free charity clothes collection service that helps raise funds for various organisations. Currently serving areas of North West England.

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Since 2019, we’ve given over £50,000 to our partner charities. Donate your clothes and make a difference today.

1. It's hassle-free

We offer a hassle-free way of getting rid of unwanted clothing. Whether it’s your own clothes or old baby clothes, you don’t even need to leave the house as we’ll collect them for you! If you’re in need of a charity clothes collection from home, Collect My Clothes is on hand.

2. You're helping raise money for a good cause

As we operate a charity clothes pickup service, your donated goods will help support one of our five fantastic partner organisations! For every ton of clothes collected, we will donate £250 to your chosen charity. 

3. It’s environmentally-friendly

By using Collect My Clothes, you’re helping the environment! Instead of going to landfill, your old clothes will be reused or recycled.

4. You're supporting others around the world

We usually send your goods to Africa or Eastern Europe, providing affordable clothing to those in need. By arranging a clothes collection with us, you’re helping in more ways than one.

By donating your clothing, you’re helping charities, the environment and those in need.

You also get to declutter your wardrobe in the process!

How it works

Collect My Clothes will collect your unwanted items and ethically recycle them for free. What’s great is that you’ll be raising money for worthwhile causes in the process! Follow these steps and book your charity clothes collection from home today:

Bag up your unwanted clothing

Request a clothes collection

Your chosen charity will receive a donation

Bag up your unwanted clothing and arrange a collection today

Use our online form to organise a suitable pick-up date and time. It really is that easy!