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Hope for Tomorrow is an organisation that brings care for cancer patients direct to their homes. Time is crucial for patients with cancer, which is why Hope for Tomorrow launched the world’s first ever Mobile Cancer Unit (MCCU). The units enable the charity to bring the vital cancer care closer to patients, allowing them to spend more time with family, friends and loved ones.

Hope for Tomorrow provided 14,174 treatments across 34 locations in 2018. They develop, build and maintain MCCUs to support patients who are dealing with cancer and hope to alleviate the stresses and strains associated with hospital waiting times and travelling for appointments.

With 4 treatment chairs on board, each unit can treat up to 20 patients a day. The Mobile Cancer Care Units visit a number of different locations each week to give out these essential treatments. The charity also provides a Nurses Support Vehicle (NSV) to each NHS Trust Partner, which allows the nursing teams to travel independently to and from the daily locations of the MCCU, along with any additional equipment or medical supplies that may be required.

As well as visiting homes, Hope for Tomorrow’s MCCUs also travel to supermarkets, sports clubs, community hospitals and other local centres. These locations are chosen by the trust based on patient needs in each specific area to ensure that as many people as possible have access. The treatments on board the MCCUs vary from trust to trust but they all have the same focus, which is not only bringing cancer care closer to patient’s homes but also reducing the miles patients have to travel, as well as reducing their parking costs and waiting times. This also helps to ease capacity challenges at hospital trusts.

If you select Hope for Tomorrow as your chosen charity, we will donate £250 for each ton of clothes collected. These funds will go towards supporting and maintaining the MCCUs, ensuring that patients continue to receive essential cancer treatments without losing valuable time.

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