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Find out more about the wonderful Blythswood Care organisation.

Blythswood Care is a Christian organisation founded in 1966. They run a wide variety of projects, with their ultimate aim being to help anyone in need.

Since 1990 they have provided 1038 humanitarian aid loads to those in need, which can be valued at a staggering £28 million. These aid loads usually consist of clothing, medical equipment, hospital and school supplies, as well as industrial machinery, toys, tools and agricultural equipment.

Blythswood Care also provide multiple social care projects worldwide. These include centres for the homeless, school & community groups, food banks and summer camps. These are all based in communities to help the poorest and most vulnerable people.

 Blythswood have also provided critical support following natural disasters across the globe. In 2010 they provided a significant amount of aid to the victims of the Pakistan flood disaster, which affected over 30 million people. The organisation has also recently worked to provide aid to people affected by typhoons in the Philippines.

As well as humanitarian aid and disaster support, many children also benefit from the work of Blythswood Care. They help young people around the world through their various social care projects, as well as providing support to orphaned children. Along with general financial support, they also provide clothing & school supplies to those who need it most.

If you select Blythswood Care as your chosen charity, they will receive £250 per ton of donated clothes. This donation will go towards helping people in need worldwide, and really will make a huge difference.

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